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Recently, most of us are greeted with good news that we will get double the speed and half the cost for our broadband, which is among the slowest in the world…

With the upgrade in broadband speed, we expect our experience in anything internet will be much faster than before…

1. The system is RIGGED!

When we are born in this world, our destiny is already decided. If you’re born a prince, you will have a good life. However, if you are a beggar’s son, a farmer’s son, the chances of you becoming rich is slim. The game is rigged. …

This is not an new idea. The only inmates excluded are those who have been convicted of violence against animals or sexual assault.

Bringing rescue dogs and prisoners together in a remarkable rehabilitation is something Malaysia can explore.

Rescue dogs

Often, when dogs are rescued, they are hurt emotionally and…

We are almost two years into battling with coronavirus now. Things are still not over and some might say it is getting worse. The only thing this virus has been good for the world is that it is not discriminatory, it is not racist! Whether you are rich or poor…

What is the line between selfish and loving one self?

We, humans have the innate ability to prioritizing ourselves before others. So, when that ability is purposely ignored, does that mean it is real Love? eg. mothers willingly sacrifice for their child. A Mother’s Love is the most powerful magic…

Vietnam, Indonesia, Singapore and most recently Philippines have won at least one GOLD in the most prestigious sporting event in history.

Thailand has won 9 GOLD:

Sukanya Srisurat (Thailand, weightlifting, 2016)

Sopita Tanasan (Thailand, weightlifting, 2016)

Prapawadee Jaroenrattanatarakoon (Thailand, weightlifting, 2008)

Somjit Jongjohor (Thailand, boxing, 2008)

Manus Boonjumnong (Thailand, boxing…

There once was a time that being a teacher, a pharmacist, an engineer is a respectable job, everyone aspires to be one. Parents will tell their kids to try to become one when they grow up regardless of if they have the capacity to.

It was a time when people…

Covid pandemic has given us a lot of time to reflect on our lives and think. To pause and smell the flowers.

There is a feeling that we feel when we think back to our past and wondered if we did things differently, would things turn out different?

That is…

Hail the King,

For He has cometh.

His name is Corona-virus-2 SARS, in short, Corona

He is well known.

Everyone knows him, but hate him

Nobody likes this King,


MC Wong

Blogger. Wechat: yaoquan2020

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