Modern man has built a system of product that ravished nature and a type of society that mutilates man.

If only there were more and more wealth, everything else, it is thought, would fall into place. Money is considered to be all-powerful; if it could not actually buy non material values, such as justice, harmony, beauty or even health, it could circumvent the need for them or compensate for their loss.

The development of production and the acquisition of wealth have this becomes the highest goals of the modern world in relation to which all other goals, no matter how much lip-service may still be paid to them, have come to take second place.

This is the philosophy of materialism.

Man needs to find out the meaning of prudential, significantly called the mother of all other virtues, prudentia dicitur genitrix virtutum, which means knowing when enough is enough.

What, therefore, could be of greater importance today than the cultivation of prudence. Prudence comprises of the good, the truth and the beautifulis the type of realism which should be adopted as the highest aims of individual life.

The answer is simple as it is disconcerting, we can, each of us, work to put our own inner house in order.

All history – as well as all current experience – points to the fact that it is man, not nature, who provides the primary resource: that the key factor of all economic development comes out of the mind of a man. No-one may be able to say where it came from in the first place; but we can see how it maintains and even strengthens itself: through various kinds of schools, in Rotherham words, through education. In a real sense, therefore, we can say that education is the most vital of all resources, not money.

If a civilisation is in a state of permenant crisis, it is not far-fetched to suggest that there may be something wrong with its education. Western civilisation has devoted a lot of energy and resources to organised education. Education should be the key to everything.

The modern way of life is becoming ever more complex: this means that everybody must become more highly educated.

Sir Charles Snow once said “To say that we must educate ourselves or perish, is a little more melodramatic than the facts warrant”

Living is nothing more or less than doing one thing instead of another. What, then, is education? It is the transmission of ideas which enable man to choose between one thing and another.

Man’s highest cultural achievements are nothing but disguised economic greed or the outflow of sexual frustrations.

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