No Chinese Allowed! Coronaracism

With the recent Wuhan Corona Virus outbreak, the world has shown its colors once again.

Less than 0.001% of chinese people have coronavirus yet more than 99.999% have already experienced coronaracism

Chinese Xenophobia or Anti-Chinese sentiment or Sinophobia has been well documented throughout the past 200 years. Examples are such as Chinese Exclusion Act 1882, USA, Japanese atrocities to chinese during World War 2 and Australia’s White Australia Policy 1902.

1882 Chinese Exclusion Act: Chinese workers were forbidden and treated as second-class citizens

However, anti-China sentiment has remained permanent in the West and one Asian country: only 28% of Germans and Italians and 37% of Americans viewed China favorably while in Japan, just 5% of respondents had a favorable opinion of the country.

Empire of Japan was also known for strong Sinophobia. Shown here was beheading of Chinese captives.

This policy was set to prevent Asians, especially the Chinese from emigrating to Australia in the 1900s. It took Australia almost 70 years to dismantle its racist policy in 1973. The colonial authorities also levied a special tax on Chinese immigrants that other immigrants were exempted from.

However, like the duck, things may be calm on the surface in 2020, but under the water, it is still paddling as usual. Even though racial discrimination was outlawed in Australia, preference for White immigrants is an unspoken truth.

Hong Kong protest of alleged eroding their democratic rights in 2019

Fast forward to 2020, even Hong Kong people now are having Anti-Chinese sentiments even though ethnically, they are themselves Chinese too. Hong Kong protest in 2019 has brought the modern city to a standstill and she went into recession in a tunnel without any light.

Why is this happening?

The World has painted a bad picture for Chinese throughout the years. It seems recent events have catapulted Sinophobia to new heights. In the 80s, it was Communism that fueled the fear and hatred of the Chinese.In 1990s, China opened its door and people are scared then too. Such is the fear that during the Hong Kong handover in 1997, mass emigration happened. Then in 2003, SARS virus happened. In 2019, USA declared trade war with China and many major companies was banned from doing business in USA and its allies. Wuhan Corona Virus was added to the list in 2020. Maybe it is a series of unfortunate events that feed this sentiment. I choose to believe otherwise.

Chinese were often praised to be the economic ants of South East Asia. Any cities or places with significant populations of Chinese can attest to this. And i believe, it is because of this, that the world punishes the Chinese.

No Chinese Allowed Signage

Due to Wuhan Corona Virus, some shops in Japan has started to put up No Chinese Allowed Signs at their doors. This is reminiscent of the No Chinese or dogs allowed signs in the USA back in the 1900s.

Many countries are reacting to this Virus epidemic by displaying their real long-standing view about the Chinese in general, especially the western countries.

Even multiracial society like New Zealand has started to show the world its colour as its society is dominated by Caucasians. We do understand that not everyone has this sort of view but we live in a world ruled by majority rule. Anti-Chinese racism spread like a disease through Asia as the Novel Coronavirus spread like a fire.

Slowy and inevitably, the world has reared its ugly head. In this day and age, a small insignificant event can ignite another major world event as information can travel at enormous speed via internet and our radically improved communication system. Never before in our history has communication become so seamless, effortless and unlimited. This has created many ripple effects throughout our society and we are only starting to realise some of them.

Many news reports have published anti-chinese sentiments in almost every continents in the world due to the widespread of this virus. Many are starting to use the virus as an excuse for discrimination against Asians.

It is a sad day indeed.

Sarawak Blogger

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