Should boys and girls be in separate classes?

When boys and girls are not in the same class together, it upsets the balance of the class. A class is a presentation of mini society. As a society is a mixture of both boys and girls, the natural thing to do is not to separate.

If they were not separated in class, there will be more interactions between them ,therefore better teamwork in the future. Mutual respects will also be nurtured somewhat. Communication will be a certain problem between boys and girls who are separated in classes.

Single-gender education has been practiced in many catholic schools throughout Sarawak. I, too, was in St. Elizabeth girls’ school growing up. I have always felt that boys are harder for me to talk to apart from the men in my family. In the presence of boys, some of my girlfriends are awkward and uncomfortable. Many of these are the result of the lack of interaction between boys and girls who are separated in classes.

By separating, boys also cannot develop normally without the presence of girls around them. Girls too, cannot develop proper ways to communicate with boys. It is natural to be attracted to the opposite gender. This should not be something that we purposely discourage.

By not separating, it promotes friendships among boys and girls. In the world today, we wanted more female presentations in every levels of work. The purpose why they should not be separated is to improve the opportunities to mix together and educational experiences of both boys and girls.

So, the answer to your question is a NO.

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