Telekom UniFi: The best deal

What is the best broadband package we can subscribed to?

Recently, Telekom shares have taken a beating and lost billions in capitalisation since. The main reason is the opening up of its closely-guarded golden egg: broadband market.

Telekom Malaysia has always been the market leader when it comes to the internet fibre connection in Malaysia, from 56K Jaring, Streamyx to UniFi.

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This is what greeted us on its website. The reason ,which they claimed, cause the subpar speed of each of their broadband packages.

My question to UniFi team is this. Why choose subpar modern and router when you know that its limit will not be able to offer a higher speed for your customers.

I felt that this is unjustifiable. Why provide 800mbps speed upgrade when you cannot meet its broadband offerings at 800mbps consistently? Saying that reaching 80% speed is acceptable is UNACCEPTABLE! They also claimed that the speed advertised is only for LAN cable and they are not responsible for WiFi speed.

What they really meant was we, normal average malaysians who have supported Telekom for many years, have been taken for a ride.

Here are the reasons:

  1. TM are not offering the optimum equipments for the broadband packages they offer, often with excuses of costs. Some of its technical team even went as far as criticising the modern as craps and you should just go buy another one.
  2. Its broadband prices is one of the highest in the world before our new minister intervened.
  3. Stability and consistency of its broadband is questionable as many of us have experienced it ourselves. eg. 800mbps package will get only 70–80mbps on speed tests during some hours of the day.
  4. Paying for more does not mean getting better and higher speed from TM
  5. Nobody who subscribed to UniFi use LAN cable to connect to internet anymore.
  6. UniFi vs Mobile 4G LTE. Mobile 4G speed can reach 42Mbps on average. Why subscribe UniFi if advertised speed is only LAN and WiFi signals means that 100Mbps is essentially only 20–30Mbps. You are better off with 4G network.

I would like to elaborate more on point number 4.

Right now as of March 2019, we are better off if we just stick to 100mbps @ RM129. By paying for more, eg. for 800mbps, the speed difference is pathetic! Telekom should really do more to differentiate their customers. They are treating 800mbps customers the same as their 500mbps and 300mbps customers.

If that is the case, the best deal is 300mbps broadband package! This is the upgraded speed from 30mbps before, which is coincidentally also RM129.

By subscribing for the maximum speed you can get, the 800mbps, as i have readily experienced only get you to an average speed of 200–300mbps on average. It is really disappointing to see that subscribing to a higher speed package does not entitle users to higher and more consistent speed.

Maybe Telekom teams are complacent with the way things are.

Maybe they do not care.

Maybe this is why malaysians are fed up.

I would like to believe Malaysians are not stupid. We are one of the smartest consumers in the world. Telekom must start to reward its loyal customers who subscribed to their premium packages better or they will lose its position.

It is sad to see that there is negligible difference in internet experience when you are on 300mbps or on 800mbps. It is unheard of. Show me the proof that there is a significant difference or just apologise and rebate us the monthly payments we so kindly pay every month for the past 40 years.

Dear Telekom,

You cannot blame an average consumers from complaining when your old management are set on only billions ringgit of profit. Ignoring consumers’ feelings and thinking that it is the limitation of equipments (that you supplied) will be your downfall. Consumers identify the slow speed and inefficiency with you, not with ZTE, Siemens or Huawei equipment supplies.

Good luck if you do not change your management style. You will lose another valuable, loyal customer who will never return.

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